Your Journey Into World Heritage Your Journey Into World Heritage  

While the Greater Blue Mountains drive mostly follows sealed major access roads, the discovery trails that lead off from the drive can involve travelling on unsealed roads and remote driving situations.

The following pages contain a wide range of tips and contacts for further information that should be considered before heading off on your journey.

All your Frequently Asked Questions asked and answered.
Safe driving
Advice on trip planning, remote driving, road conditions, and pets.
Tips for International visitors
Is anything different in Australia for International drivers? A discussion of driver's licence requirements, seat belts, road rules, alcohol, and the use of mobile phones.
Safe and responsible cycling
Ideas for those planning on using a mountain bike to explore some of the great bike trails in the Greater Blue Mountains
Safety and care in the bush
How to both stay safe and look after the magnificent Greater Blue Mountains if you're interested in walking, camping, and visiting Aboriginal sites.
Useful resources
Links to other sites and resources that may help with information about the Greater Blue Mountains.