Your Journey Into World Heritage Your Journey Into World Heritage  

There are three information gateways by which people commencing their journey from Sydney can connect with the Greater Blue Mountains Drive:

  • the Hawkesbury Valley centre at Clarendon between Windsor and Richmond
  • the lower Blue Mountains information centre at Glenbrook and
  • the Mt Annan Botanic Garden - gateway to the Macarthur Region

The easiest way to exit the Sydney urban area and access these gateways is via the Sydney orbital road network. This provides ready "stop light free" access to major regional connecting roads (including Windsor Road shown here).

The orbital network comprises sections of freeway and sections of motorway where tolls apply.

Of these sections, four as shown here on the diagram are fully electronic toll roads with no cash booths.

There are several ways for paying the toll on these roads and it is recommended that you plan your payment option in advance prior to driving on them.

The simplest method of using the orbital road network is to purchase an e-TAG that covers your use of any toll road in Australia.

Further details of the e-TAG and e-PASS products can be found online at:

Alternatively phone: 13 ROAM (13 76 26)