Your Journey Into World Heritage Your Journey Into World Heritage  

The drive comprises a core route that follows the arterial roads encircling the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

You can use this main drive section to easily get from one part of the Greater Blue Mountains to another.

A feature of the Greater Blue Mountains Drive is the way it links together the regions that share the mountains as their own backyard.

These places sit like an extended series of base camps dotted around the mountains. They provide a natural venue from which to undertake your travels into the surrounding world heritage landscape.

They also provide a vital social element to your appreciation of the Greater Blue Mountains.

Just as their common mountains backyard is a place of surprising diversity and contrasts, so too does each region have an ambience and array of attractions all its own.

This means that when you fancy a break from the bush out the back, you can relax amidst the company of your hosts in these local communities.

As any seasoned traveller knows - it's the countryside and attractions you set out to see, yet it's often the experiences you share and the people you meet along the way whom you remember.

One of the advantages of connecting with local communities as an integral part of your mountains journey is also the chance it brings to take advantage of local knowledge.

All of these regions operate Accredited Visitor Information Centres that can provide you with both the detailed information and maps you need to undertake your chosen activity safely and with confidence about what you can expect along the way.

This includes matters like up-to-date road conditions and the availability of accommodation, fuel and other services.