Your Journey Into World Heritage Your Journey Into World Heritage  

The vast Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area covers 10,000 square kilometres of conservation reserves stretching from the Southern Highlands to the Hunter Valley, and from western Sydney to the tablelands of the Great Divide.

A range of visitor facilities give everyone the chance to enjoy the richness of the area's landscapes, plants, animals and cultural features.

Easily accessible bushland and superb vistas from roadside lookouts give way to huge wilderness areas rugged enough to challenge the hardiest adventurer.

This is the quintessential Australian bush. The most diverse eucalypt forests in the world spread across sandstone ridges and deep river gorges to the silent world of limestone caves.

Several lifetimes could be spent exploring the intricacies of this natural wonderland.

Nearby towns and villages offer all the supplies and comforts of home, along with a host of civilised attractions.