Your Journey Into World Heritage Your Journey Into World Heritage  

The Greater Blue Mountains Drive is an exciting new touring journey that links a vast and spectacular world heritage landscape to the regions that surround it.

Covering 1200 km of major connecting roads, the drive offers one of Australia's greatest tourism experiences, linking Sydney with its own world heritage backyard and beyond to the diverse landscapes and experiences of inland New South Wales.

Branching off the core loop of the Greater Blue Mountains Drive are its 18 Discovery Trails - each one unique. These backroads are the heart and soul of the drive, taking you right in amongst the mountains and valleys, the national parks and all the regional attractions.

The Greater Blue Mountains Drive has something for everyone: walking tracks, quiet country drives and picnics, relaxing holidays, bicycle rides, just cruising and sightseeing or a myriad other experiences that lie beyond the carpark.

One of the best things about the drive is the many different ways it can be enjoyed - day journeys, short breaks and extended tours. Keen travellers can spend two or three weeks exploring the lot, or each of the Discovery Trails is a superb daytrip self-drive.

A 'stepping-stone' approach will work really well for many people. Choose your region and base yourself in a handy local town. Spend a few days exploring in different directions, then move on to a new centre, then another - until you run out of time! (You certainly won't run out of things to do).