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Find out more about the features, attractions and landscapes of Hawkesbury Valley.

Mountain Biking

The Hawkesbury region is one of the best parts of the greater Blue Mountains for the mountain bike touring enthusiast. Several rides have camping opportunities.

Discovery Trail 1: Kurrajong is a fine tour, whether enjoyed over one hard or three easy days. Discovery Trail 2: The Mounts is mostly sealed roads but the connection across Bowens Creek gorge is very scenic, while Discovery Trail 17 from Bulga to Wisemans Ferry is a long and less remote outing.

Out of the Macdonald Valley, you can ride the actual Old Great North Road or the Womerah Range trail - both fine bush tours with campsites. Further north, the Settlers Trail and the Yango Track-Howes Trail cross Yengo National Park to the Putty Road. The latter route also leads to Big Yango and its campsites.

Shorter day rides include the Wheelbarrow Ridge Trail (public road) through Parr SCA, the Culoul Range and Grassy Hill trails off the Putty Road towards the Colo Gorge, and the Banks Wall trail near Mount Banks.