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Find out more about the features, attractions and landscapes of Hawkesbury Valley.

Overnight Bushwalks

The expansive wilds of Wollemi, Yengo, Blue Mountains and Dharug National Parks spreading out from the Hawkesbury Valley are all available to experienced walkers capable of enjoying rough and untracked country. There are also several tracked overnight walks which nevertheless require planning, navigation skills and detailed maps.

Old Great North Road (Yengo NP and Dharug NP)
The historic road can be walked (or cycled) in either direction from near Wisemans Ferry to Mogo Camping Area, with an overnight camp at Ten Mile Hollow. There is no water along the track.
Womerah Range (Yengo NP and Parr SCA)
The Womerah Range trail traverses remote country between the Macdonald Valley and the Putty Road. It can be walked or cycled over two days with a camp at Heartbreak Hill.
Mailes Ridge, Colo River (Wollemi NP)
The marked route along Mailes Ridge starts from the T3 Trail at Mountain Lagoon, traverses the ridge and descends steeply to the Colo Meroo campsite on the banks the Colo River. Return the same way.
Pierces Pass and Grose Valley (Blue Mountains NP)
The Pierces Pass track, off Bells Line of Road, descends steeply into the Grose Valley and Wilderness. Across the river, a rough, unmarked track leads either upstream to a campsite at Burra Korain or downstream to Blue Gum Forest and the Acacia Flat campsite. You can return the same way, or walk through Burra Korain to Mount Victoria, or via Acacia Flat to either Blackheath (several routes) or the Mount Hay Road near Leura.