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Find out more about the features, attractions and landscapes of Penrith Valley.

Historic Sites and Heritage

Penrith Valley was an important focus of both Aboriginal life and early colonial activity.

St Thomas Anglican Church, Mulgoa
A beautiful sandstone church and pioneer cemetery dating from 1836. Church is open for Sunday services or by appointment (02 4773 8270). The cemetery is open during the daytime.
St Mary Magdalene Anglican Church, St Marys
An historic church and pioneer cemetery with strong connections to Governors Bligh and King. Open by appointment (02 8807 7800).
St Pauls Anglican Church, Emu Plains
Built in 1847 on the log prison quarters established by Governor Macquarie. Sunday services and free entry (02 4735 1001).
St Stephens Anglican Church, Penrith
A gothic design dating back to 1837. Sunday services or by appointment (02 4721 2124). The cemetery is open at all times.